Videocon D2H Channel Activation – A Quick Guide

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If you are trying to modify your Videocon D2H channel list,  we are here to provide you with simple steps to add channels to your Videocon D2H package. Videocon D2H is one of the best DTH brands in India having a 19 million gross subscriber base. The brand has a line-up of 650 channels and services, which includes HD and SD channels. It has also launched stream Set-top Box which changes your existing TV into a Smart TV. This set-top box allows you to browse social media, YouTube and many other sites.

How to Add Channel in Videocon D2H?

There are four primary methods by which you can add channels to your current Videcon D2H subscription. Please follow the steps mentioned below and use either of these methods to add channels on Videocon D2H:

Method 1: Add Channels in Videocon D2H Online

Add channels by visiting Videocon D2H website. You will have to login to your account and visit Videocon D2H plans page for the same. Here are the steps through which you can add channels to your current subscription.

  • Visit the Videocon website & open the My Account section
  • Login with your registered mobile number Or your subscriber ID
  • Select the ‘Create your own pack’ option
  • Add the desired channels to your pack
  • Review and pay for the updated plan

Method 2: Add Channels in Videocon D2H with Mobile App

This method is similar to adding channels via Videocon D2H website and is probably more convenient, you just have to open the app and visit the customer corner. Follow these simple steps to add channels:

  • Download the Videocon D2H app (Infinity)
  • Tap on options on top left & select ‘Customer Corner’
  • Select ‘a-la-carte channels pay & FTA’ & add channels
  • Review your plan and pay

Method 3: Add Channels in Videocon D2H by SMS

  • You can simply add Videocon D2H channels by sending an SMS ADD < ADD ON CODE > to 566777 from your registered mobile number.

ExampleTo add Star World HD to your existing D2h package, SMS ADD 934 to 566777.

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Method 4: Add Channels in Videocon D2H by Call

This is one of the simplest ways to add channels on Videocon D2H. You are just required to find the D2H channel activation number, and give a call to their customer care team.

  • You just need to call on 1800 3150 222 from your registered mobile number and customer care team will guide you with further steps

Add Videocon D2H Channels Individually: Prices With Numbers

You will need to know the price and channel number of Videocon D2H channels in order to add it online or via SMS. You can find a list of all the Videocon D2H channels with prices and channel numbers below. This will aid you in adding Videocon D2H channels to your current subscription:

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What Will You Find in the Videocon Individual Channels List?

  • List of Ala-carte Channels – This will provide full list of all channels available on Videocon D2H, you can find individual channel name, its quality, whether Pay/FTA and MRP or DRP.
  • List of Broadcaster Bouquet Channels – This list consists of all broadcaster bouquet packs offered by Videocon D2h, you can find pack details such as channels included, quality and MRP or DRP.


What is the fastest way to add channels in Videocon D2H?

Well, SMS is the simplest way to add channels, however, online is definitely faster. But, if you are looking to add multiple channels, the fastest way to do so would be to change Videocon D2H Package instead of adding new channels. In one click you can add all the channels that cater to your taste.

Does my current plan get changed if I add a channel?

Yes it does, you will have to pay more for adding Videocon HD channels. But, before you do, make sure to check Videocon D2H account balance. If you still have valid plans, it’s best to wait a while before paying money to add new channels.

When do I have to pay for adding an additional channel?

If you have an adequate balance in your DTH account then charges are deducted from there otherwise payment has to be made at the time of adding a channel.

How long does it take to activate a channel?

Activation is quite instant, as soon as a request is raised to add a channel it is activated and is ready for viewing in less than 10 minutes.

Can I add individual Videocon D2H channels to a broadcaster bouquet pack?

Yes, individual channels can be added to an existing broadcaster bouqet pack. However additional channel cost and FTA cost is applicable on adding each extra channel.

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