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Cashe is a made in India Credit app. It allows users to buy things and pay later. It provides credit starting from INR 1,000 to INR 4,00,000.

The application is specifically designed for salaried individuals that allow them to get instant money in their banks.
It follows all the legal guidelines laid down by RBI and adheres to all the lending rules in the virtual space. Cashe is one of the best-rated credit apps. Users love the simple interface of the platform and call it a safe option to borrow money.
The social loan company has partnered with several reputed companies like Razorpay, Airtel, Khosla labs, etc. The sourcing partners of the app are Bank Sathi, Credit Mantri, Buddy Loan, etc.

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Cashe Refer And Earn (Video Tutorial)

[ MHDIJVI] Cashe Referral Code (2023 ) – Earn Upto ₹ 100

Click To Copy Cashe Referral Code

Click To Open Cashe Invite Link

How to Avail Cashe Refer Earn Offer

  • Open Cashe application in your mobile phone.
  • Open Menu.
  • Go to CASHe app Refer & Earn option .
  • Copy the code and share it with your friends and families 
  • Earn upto RS300 and enjoy 50% off on processing fee of your first loan.

How to Sign up for the app

Follow the simple steps to sign in and borrow money immediately.

  • Download the original application of Cashe from the google play store or the Apple store.
  • Sign in, entering the relevant credentials.
  • As soon as you open the application after downloading it, the credit app will ask for some permissions. Read them and grant permission.
  • Connect the application either to your Gmail, or Linkedin or log in with the mobile number. Now, the application will ask you to download documents for verification.
  • Original and verified documents must be downloaded on the app.

These documents include:

  1. Pan Card
  2. Adhaar card
  3. Ration Card
  4. Passport
  5. License
  6. Date of birth Certificate

Once your documents are verified, congratulations, you can raise the funds now. 

Cashe App referral code benefits

  • Cashe App referral codes have several benefits. It provides users with some great cash-back offers and multiple discount options.
  • There are several ways to use the cash back money. Users can get higher credit if more people sign in using their referral codes. It makes easy it to purchase stuff and pay later.
  • More referrals help users become prime members of the application and enjoy some exclusive benefits.
  • More referrals can also help users get better discounts.
  • Amazing brand deals and all insider discounts are offered to people bringing more customers.

As soon as your friend signs in using your code, you will get the reward.

Withdrawal/redeem process

People get instant money in their bank accounts once they apply for loans. The Cashe application is one of the fastest money-lending apps that allows users to get immediate fund assistance.

Credit is only transferred to the bank accounts which makes the application a safe platform to borrow money.
The application is a legal, reliable, and paperless option to raise funds.

Just like other bank loans, it also charges some interest on the money borrowed but the rate of interest is low and minimal.
Loan money only gets transferred to banks but the repayment can be done using various methods. Once the money gets transferred to the borrower’s account, it can be withdrawn as and when the user wants it.

There is no intervention by the app in the withdrawal process. Once the money gets transferred to the user’s account, it belongs to him completely. Simple and instant transfers are a stand-out feature of the app.

How to avail of your referral code?

  • As soon as you log in, you will get an option to avail of the referral code benefits. Click in the small box in front of the option “ Yes, I have the referral code”.
  • Enter the referral code and get the cashback of INR 300 and get the 50% off on processing fees.
  • As the users sign in, he is allotted a personal referral code that can be used by them to earn rewards.

  • Once you get your referral code, you can share it with your friends and ask them to use it when they sign in on Cashe.

Eligibility for Loan

  • The individual must be a salaried employee. And minimum salary must be INR 12,000.

  • Only 21 years old or more get loans.

Benefits of Cashe

  • It is a hassle-free and paperless way to get financial assistance.

  • Enjoy Online shopping at no-cost EMIs and instant credit.

  • No collateral is needed to get funds.

  • Easy and timely financial assistance as the money gets transferred to banks within a few minutes.

  • There is no one loan available instead people can get a range of personal loans.
  • Multiple online shopping deals on various apps and brands.

  • The loans are completely private, no third party is involved.

  • The app only requires you to have some basic documents.

  • Low-interest rates.

  • All the activities are controlled by users and no personal information can be extracted by the app without the user’s permission. This makes it a secure place to borrow funds.

  • Cashe buddy is a new unique feature of the credit app that allows users to transfer funds directly to their friends and family.

User reviews of the following app

It is one of the most loved credible line applications in India. Users recommend using the app. If somebody is in urgent need of money, Cashe is one of the safest options to rely on. 


Cashe referral codes are very beneficial and worth the effort. It is one of the best credit line applications that allows salaried individuals to get instant loans at minimal rates.

It is one of the safest credit line platforms. No one can sign in using some false identity as the app requires all relevant documents and proper verification is done before lending the money.

Cache accesses only the limited data of the users and takes permission before accessing. Funds can only be raised by adults who are salaried employees.

This helps the platform secure its funds. No extra processing fees are charged. Easy EMI option is available even on online shopping. The credit app allows users to buy and pay later.

Active customer support is another standout feature of the app. The application has it all. If the user gets stuck somewhere or needs some assistance, they can either call, text, or mail the support of the app.

All these features make the platform a customer-friendly application to raise funds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the Cashe app have a refer and earn option?

Yes, the Cashe application has the refer and earn option. It allows new users to use the referral code and earn cash back. If you already have a Cashe account, you can share your referral code and ask your friends and family to sign in using your code.

Q2. Where can I find Cashe’s referral code?

As soon as you sign in, you will be provided with a personal referral code. The application will ask you to share the code and expand the customer base of the platform. Choose a relevant option or copy the code and ask people to sign in using your code. As soon as they use your code and make a new account on the Cashe app you will be rewarded.

Q3. What is the referral amount offered by the app?

The referral amounts keep on changing. Sometimes the referrals might also get great brand deals. Usually, the amount offered to referrals is around INR 300 per referral. New users might get some discount on the processing fee as well.

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