Gadgets of the week: Apple HomePod 2, Acer eKinekt Bike Desk 3 and more

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This week, we have Apple’s 2nd Generation HomePod for smart homes, Acer eKinekt bike desk (work desk-slash-exercise cycle) and more such intriguing gizmos and appliances in our list. Check out the complete curation below: 

Apple HomePod 2

Apple HomePod 2

Apple’s 2nd Gen HomePod provides fully immersive high-fidelity sound as well as control for your smart home. It also works with all Apple devices seamlessly and comes with SIRI built in. With spatial audio tracks, you’ll experience music like never before. INR 32,900.

Compaq Q watch Balance

Compaq Q watch Balance

Compaq has recently launched a new range of smartwatches with exclusive features. The QWatch range comprises of X-Breed, Dimension and Balance. The range comes with high def displays, BT calling, metal body, wireless charging and voice assistance. Other features include blood oxygen/pressure measurements, heart rate monitoring as well as fitness/sleep tracking and IP 67 rating. INR 3,299.



These IEMs (In Ear Modules) come with planar magnetic drivers which provide expert acoustics and construction. You get accurate sound reproduction with clarity across the range. It also comes with an HD microphone for a great calling experience. INR 6,499.

Acer eKinekt BD 3

Acer eKinekt BD 3

The eKinekt BD 3 Bike Desk acts as a work desk as well as an exercise cycle. The rider’s pedal power provides charge for laptops and small devices. Work and sport mode enable a seamless transition between cycling and work. A companion smartphone app also provides metrics such as calories, watts etc. Available soon. INR 81,000.

LG – SBS Refrigerators

LG - SBS Refrigerators

LG makes some of the best refrigerators and the B257EMCX here is a Side-by-Side refrigerator manufactured in India in LG’s own plant. Equipped with LG ThinQ tech, users can access and control key features even remotely. Powered by AI, Smart Learner helps optimise cooling by analysing usage patterns. You get longer lasting freshness as well as higher energy efficiency. Other features that SBS refrigerators come with include Bigger Instaview windows, UVnanoTM to reduce bacteria from water nozzle and a powerful Hygiene Fresh air filter. Do check out LG’s 2023 range of SBS at leading electronic stores and online. INR 1.36 lakh.

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