Best Portable / Mini AC in India (June 2024) – Buyer’s Guide

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Our Top Pick

Best Overall – Blue Star 1 Ton AC

With features like Hydrophilic golden evaporator fins, refrigerant R410A, and silver filter, the Blue Star 1-ton Portable AC is the best portable AC in India. Furthermore, you can buy it at a price of ₹ 25,990, which is affordable considering the price range of ACs. 

Summary of Portable AC Price In India

Here are India’s best portable air conditioners and portable AC prices.

List of Best Portable AC in India

Keeping in mind the various benefits of a portable AC, here is a list of the best portable AC in India. This list will help you find the best portable room air conditioner.

With its 7 colour options, the Rechargeable Portable Air Conditioner Fan is a flexible and cutting-edge product that offers effective cooling while adding a dash of style. Because it has a rechargeable battery, you can use it whenever you want without having to constantly plug it in, making it ideal for outdoor activities, camping, and other situations where a power source may not be available.

This device utilises water and a fan to produce a pleasant breeze. After passing through a water curtain filter, the fan blasts the air out, which cools and purifies it. Depending on your preferences and the room’s temperature, you can choose between low, medium, and high speeds. You can use the fan in your bedroom without being bothered because it is also hushed (less than 40 decibels). 

Red, blue, green, purple, and the other seven colours are options for establishing a relaxing or invigorating mood. This is an excellent option for beating the heat and keeping cool all summer long—a tiny air conditioner fan.


Product Specifications:

    • Price: ₹9,957


    • Brand: LaoTzi


    • Mounting Type: Tabletop


    • Special Feature: Portable


    • Colour: White, Blue


    • Controls Type: Button


    • Reservoir Capacity: 300 Millilitres


    • Item Weight: 1.67 Pounds


    • Model Name: WT-F51


    • Wattage: 8 Watts


    • Noise Level: 30 dB









The LG 1 Ton 5 Star AI Dual Inverter Split AC is made to use less electricity and conserve energy.



The pricing of the LG 1 Ton 5 Star AI Dual Inverter Split AC is high.


The Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC is a reliable cooling option for small to medium-sized rooms. It has a high-efficiency rotary compressor installed, which provides quick and efficient cooling.  The air conditioner has three settings: chilling, dehumidifying, and fan mode. Its castor wheels allow moving it from one area to another simply. The air conditioner is designed to be energy efficient, with a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 2.98. This means it uses less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as other ACs with lower EERs.

It includes a flexible exhaust tube that may be fastened to a window or door for ventilation. It is a practical solution for customers who wish to cool many rooms without installing separate ACs due to its portability, energy efficiency, and ease of installation. Its top-notch features and dependability make it a dependable option for customers searching for a dependable cooling solution.


Product Specifications:

    • Brand: Blue Star


    • Price: ₹33,490


    • Capacity: 1 Ton


    • Cooling Power: 1350 Watts


    • Special Feature: Antibacterial coating, Dust filter


    • Energy Star: 2 Star


    • Power Source Type: Corded Electric


    • Warranty Type: Limited









With castor wheels that make it simple to move from room to room, the Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC has portability in mind.



When the AC is set to its greatest fan speed, some users might find the noise level too loud.



The air conditioner has a washable and reusable air filter that collects dust and other contaminants.



The Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC cost is higher than the alternatives.


3. Belity Portable Mini Air Conditioner Desktop Air Cooler Humidifier –  Click here for Amazon deal

The Belity Portable Mini Air Conditioner has a premium motor that offers effective cooling and runs quietly, making it perfect for use in a quiet setting. The air is cooled using an evaporation method, which evaporates water from the water tank to produce a cool, comfortable feeling in the air. The air conditioner has a 380ml water tank that can be filled with ice or water for up to 8 hours of continuous chilling and humidification.  Additionally, the device has an LED light function that may be used as a nightlight or to set a soothing mood.

Using the device when travelling is simple because it is fueled by a USB cable that can be put into a power bank, laptop, or USB port. Additionally, the AC is made to be energy-efficient, using only 10W of electricity. It has a detachable water tank that is simple to clean and refill. 


Product Specifications:

    • Brand: Belity


    • Price: ₹4,886


    • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)


    • Colour: Black & White


    • Controls Type: Button


    • Reservoir Capacity: 480 Millilitres


    • Wattage: 15 Watts


    • Number of Speeds: 3









The AC functions as a cooler, humidifier, and LED light, providing multiple functions in one device. 



It might not be appropriate for cooling big rooms or areas.



The unit has a low power consumption of only 10W.


Beat the heat with Portable AC

It’s the month of April, but it already feels like the peak of summer. With more than two months of summer, you must prepare yourself for the wrath of the cruel heat. While we can’t do anything about the volcanic temperature outside, fortunately, we can control the temperature inside our homes and offices with the advancement of technology. 

Cooling appliances like AC and coolers have become necessary to sustain the dry and unbearable heat of Indian summers. Companies have developed a new kind of portable air conditioner that is more user-friendly. Yes, portable AC! One you can use in any room you want. Sounds great. 

Benefits of Portable AC

Many hesitate to invest in a new appliance. The doubt is valid, as you might feel, “why should I invest in a portable AC when I can go for a window AC or split AC?” Hence, you should buy a portable AC instead of the traditional one to clarify doubts. 

1. No Restrictions

As the name suggests, unlike wall-mounted ACs, you can quickly shift portable ACs anywhere in your home or office. Furthermore, this also means that you now have the flexibility to cool any room with just one AC, making the appliance cost-effective and user-centric. 

2. Perfect for Small Spaces 

Small spaces are common among millennials and gen-Z. Whether you consider small offices or studio apartments, a portable AC perfectly fits such a small space. 

A portable AC is very efficient, unlike central or wall-mounted ones. They are area-specific. Furthermore, natural light and windows are essential in small spaces. Using a window AC takes up most of the window space, but that’s not the case with the portable AC. Therefore, it’s an effective solution for small spaces. 

3. Cost-effective 

We mentioned portable AC is cost-effective in the previous section. Let’s discuss this in detail to understand how economical a portable air conditioner is compared to traditional ones. 

Portable AC provides you with the flexibility of cooling rooms based on your choice. Unlike the central AC, which is more expensive, and consumes heavy electricity to cool down the entire house, which might be unnecessary if the spaces are not in use. 

Furthermore, a portable AC will also allow you to save the heavy electric bills that Indians face in Summers and provide you with efficient cooling. Hence, on the one hand, you’re saving money on the bills. On the other hand, you’re enjoying effective cooling from your portable air conditioner. 

4. For travellers 

Many millennials enjoy travelling, and caravans are becoming a new thing. While these trailers come up with in-built ACs, most are unreliable, especially to beat India’s summers. For such situations, portable AC can be the perfect choice as it offers the best cooling within small spaces. 

5. Multipurpose

We have discussed in length how portable AC provides excellent cooling, but it efficiently dehumidifies the air, which allows you to have a cool and dry space. This is essential, especially for those who suffer from allergies. Furthermore, high humidity in your room can be as discomforting and irritating as the heat. Hence, for people living in countries like India, which have high humidity, Portable AC can be the perfect option for cooling your room and keeping it dry effectively.

How Do We Pick the Products on Our List?

Picking the right product among many available choices can take time and effort. But with in-depth research and knowledge, you can easily pick up the proper portable AC. 

Here are our criteria for selecting the right product – 

1. Specifications & Features

We discussed many modern technologies and features used in portable air conditioners. Remember the Hydrophilic golden evaporator fins, refrigerant R410A, or the silver filter? Knowing about these features is essential while selecting the product. Notably, it is also imperative to remember that these features and specifications should be user-friendly so you can use them with minimal effort

2. Customer Reviews

We know the importance of experience and take reviews very seriously. It is also essential to understand that you should only consider the “verified buyers” to be fair with your product assessment. 

3. Complaints

Complaints are a vital factor that helps us understand the efficiency of the portable AC. The lesser the complaints, the better the product. 

4. Warranty

It is unsurprising for an electrical appliance to face an issue. It should also not put a hole in our pocket to repair the portable AC when we have already paid a significant amount while purchasing the product. Therefore, warranties are crucial to reducing financial strain.

5. Pricing

There is no doubt that air conditioners are expensive. But we believe that the price you pay should have an equal return in the form of the product you buy. Hence, we ensure that the recommended appliances score high in the “value for money” section. 

6. Service Quality

Ultimately, post-sales services are essential for the smooth functioning of the product. Hence, it also plays a vital role in selecting the ideal portable room air conditioner. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are some of the most common FAQs, simultaneously with information on modern technology used in portable AC. Learning about these FAQs will help you decide on the right product based on your requirements and budget. 

1. What is India’s best portable AC for a large room?

While portable air conditioners are specifically designed for small spaces, the Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC is ideal for a comparatively large space as it can effectively cool down spaces measuring 170 square feet. 

2. Which is the best portable AC in India under 30000?

You can buy either Blue Star 1-ton Portable AC or the Midea 1-ton portable AC for under ₹ 30k. 

3. Does all Portable AC require a hose to function?

Currently, there are no portable air conditioners that function without a hose. 


With this, we come to the end of the list of best portable AC in India. We hope we were able to assist you in your quest to find the best portable AC in India.

Let us know which portable AC meets your requirement. Let us know if you need further assistance or clarification; we’ll gladly help.


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