Gadget review: Beyerdynamic T1 (3rd gen) high-grade audiophile headphones

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Almost everyone we know has a pair of earphones/headphones, in all sizes and shapes too but very few ever invest in a pair of high grade audiophile ones. The T1 from Beyerdynamic is a high-end pair of headphones and offers a great fit for long hours of usage.

I have been using a pair for the last fortnight connected to a hi-res audio player with DAC; the results are extremely satisfying. The first thing I noticed was how well balanced the headphones fit on my ears/head, the weight evenly and ergonomically distributed.

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The T1s sound great for most audio content (don’t expect inflated bass here) but find their sweet spot with Acoustic, Classical, Jazz and Opera content (incidentally my favourites). Sound is detailed, separated, open, crisp and lively.

If I had to sum it up, it felt like the sound was in front, around and inside me while using it, and I cannot ask anything more from a pair of headphones! INR 84,999.

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