Gadget review of the week: DailyObjects Surge 3 in 1

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DailyObjects makes great tech accessories. Their newly launched SURGE 3 in 1 is a magnetic charging station which I’ve been using for the past few days.

At first sight, the 3 in 1 looks visibly sleek and is something that would add gravitas to a working desk. The 3 in 1 charger lets you charge multiple devices (iPhone, Apple Watch and Airpods) simultaneously. It does this very effectively using 25W of safe power. The charger also works with non-Apple devices which have Qi charging capabilities.

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I managed to get full speed charging on my iPhone 12 Pro courtesy 18W allotment (0 – 50% in less than 30 mins). Meanwhile my Airpods Pro (5w) and Apple Watch (2.5w) took the fastest time possible to reach peak power.

The charger also comes with a metal ring for Non MagSafe compatible phones. I did try charging with a Google Pixel 5 and Qi chargeable TWS from multiple brands, the results were satisfactory.

The Surge 3 in 1 makes a great addition to my desk and solves charging woes instantly. INR 4,999.

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