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The effects of global warming overwhelmingly indicate that summer will be challenging to avoid this year. We will find it difficult to resist the season every year. To protect yourself from hazy weather and sweltering summer, you can’t always turn to your air conditioner because you must care for your electricity bill. For middle-class families out there, paying additional electricity charges from ACs is a real pain.

Table fans come in handy simply because they are easy to transport to ease consumers’ concerns about the heat. In terms of the table fans themselves, they can offer very direct airflow. One of the best ways to escape the sun’s scorching heat constantly getting more intense is to purchase a good table fan. A table fan is portable and one of the best ways to escape the heat. Our team came up with the best-advanced technology table fans available in India. Are you looking for the best table fans in India? Read through this article!

Our Top Picks

Best Overall – Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan (Red)

This table fan has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 and has been rated up to 8000 + thanks to features like overheating protection aerodynamic blades. Without a doubt, that makes it India’s best table fan. 

Best Budget – RYLAN Powerful Rechargeable 1.5 Watts Table Fan with 21 SMD LED Light, Table Fan for Home, Table Fans, Table Fan for Office Desk, Table Fan High Speed, Table Fan For Kitchen

With a price of just Rs. 849, this is the best budget table fan on the list. It is also the smallest and most robust fan on our list.

Best Lightweight –  V-Guard Personal Fan- Selfee 225mm Yellow Black

V-Guard personal fan ranks as the best lightweight table fan as it weighs only 2 kg 950 g, so it’s relatively lightweight.

Best Durability – Usha Colossus Rust Free Aluminium Blade 400mm Pedestal Fan (Red)

This Usha Colossus fan is one of the best options for you if you are looking for durability. Copper metallic blades and a corrosion-proof motor make this a long-lasting and durable vacuum. 

A Summary And Price List For The Table Fans 

We have put together a list of the best fans in India along with their prices to make it easy for you to check it out –

List Of Best Table Fans 

After being familiar with the benefits and workings of table fans, let’s continue our search for the ideal fan –

1. AmazonBasics High-Speed Table Fan For Cooling With Automatic Oscillation (400 mm, 55W, White) – Click here for Amazon deal

Featuring a speed of 1456 RPM and a flow of 73 CMM, this AmazonBasics table fan is, without a doubt, one of the best table fans in India. In addition, it comes with an automatic oscillation function, which allows uniform cooling throughout the room.

The AmazonBasics Table Fan consists of aerodynamically designed blades with a sweep size of 400 mm that offer excellent air delivery. A 1456 rotations per minute speed allows the table fan to provide powerful cooling. The device automatically covers and cools a more extensive area by oscillating at an 80-degree angle. This table fan features an ergonomic design, easy to assemble, operate, and is safe to use since the blades are completely enclosed. It has a portable design to move it around the room. 

  • Price – 1,799
  • Warranty –  one year warranty on the product 
  • Material – Plastic, metal 
  • Features – 80-degree wide-angle
  • Type – table fan 
  • Motor Speed – 1456 RPM
  • Power Consumption – 55 W
  • Blade Sweep Size – 400 mm
  • Air Flow – 65-73 cubic meters 
  • Number of Speed Settings – 3
  • Ratings – 1000 +
  • Reviews – 4.2 out of 5 stars



Automatic Oscillitiom offers uniform cooling, 

The appliance produces a slight noise

It has come with a one-year warranty.


It has a 100 per cent copper motor that offers high durability. 


With a Bajaj fan, you get both style and performance. If you are searching for excellent fans to use at home or in the office, Bajaj is the brand to choose. You can buy bajaj table fans within your budget, and they have been a trusted brand since 1945. 

The Midea table fan by Bajaj delivers 75 cubic meters of air per minute and consumes 55 watts of electricity. A table fan with an energy-efficient motor rotates at a maximum speed of 1300 RPM. It also comes with overheat protection as a safety measure. The device is also noiseless so that a good night’s sleep can be assured. 

  • Price – 2,069
  • Warranty – 2 years on product
  • Material – others
  • Features – 3
  • Type – table fan
  • Motor Speed – RPM: 1300
  • Power Consumption – 55 W
  • Blade Sweep Size – 3 blades with 400 mm
  • Air Flow – 75CMM
  • Number of Speed Settings – 3
  • Ratings – 1000 +
  • Reviews – 4.3 out of 5 stars




Some users have complained about the backup time. 

The warranty period is two years. 


The operation is completely silent. 


As one of the leading manufacturers in India, Usha has been in business since 1934. When it comes to electronic products such as fans, the Usha brand is one of the most popular brands in the Indian market. The company is a well-known go-to brand for buying dedicated fans and table fans of the best quality.

A 67 CMM, air delivery rate is achieved by the aerodynamically designed blades of the Mist air icy table fan by Usha. Copper is used in the motor to function in Indian conditions. Furthermore, the table fan is also equipped with a fuse to prevent overheating. Usha mist table fans also come with a two-year warranty, which assures users of their value for money. 

  • Price – 2,149
  • Warranty – 2 years on product 
  • Material – plastic
  • Features – free-standing 
  • Type – table fan 
  • Motor Speed – 50 HzV
  • Power Consumption – 230 V AC
  • Blade Sweep Size – 3
  • Air Flow – 1280 RPM speed 67 m3/min. 
  • The number of Speed Settings – 3-speed settings 
  • Ratings – 8000 +
  • Reviews – 4.2 out of 5 stars



Designed for heavy-duty use. 

There have been complaints about the product slowing down over time.

Two years of warranty.


Overheat protection 


4. Orient Electric Table-27 Trendz 400mm High-Speed Table Fan (Electric Blue) – Click here for Amazon deal

Every house should have Orient Electric fans since they have high-speed motors. Offering high-quality, innovative table fans with the latest aerodynamic technology at affordable prices, Orient provides a broad range of products. The unique table fans are specially designed to give you cool, sharp blasts of air over more expansive areas to give you the best cooling experience.

With a powder-coated guard and polymer ring, it provides extra corrosion protection. The Orient table fan ensures high speed and high air delivery with its aerodynamic resin blades and quiet operation. This table fan provides 95 cubic meters of airflow at a maximum speed of 2000 RPM. There are five blades on the cooling appliance, which produce high-speed winds and consume approximately 85 watts. 

  • Price – 2,856
  • Warranty – two-year warranty on the product
  • Material – plastic 
  • Features – high-speed
  • Type –table fan 
  • Motor Speed – 85 W 
  • Power Consumption – 
  • Blade Sweep Size – 400 mm
  • Air Flow – 5700 m3/hr,
  • Number of Speed Settings – 3 speed piano switch control
  • Ratings – 100 +
  • Reviews – 4.1 out of 5 stars



It has power coated glass.

Higher RPM produces more noise. 

It is lightweight and energy-efficiency. 

Somehow not stable. 

Two years of warranty. 


It gives you high-speed cooling. 


5. V-Guard Personal Fan- Selfee 225mm Yellow Black – Click here for Amazon deal

Despite its compact size, this table fan offers many unique features. It is typically best to use this fan alone or in a small room. This table fan can be placed anywhere easily due to its compact size. V-Guard has a stunning product that will help you beat the summer heat. You can stay cool in hot weather with the V-Guard Selfee multipurpose fan. You built this cool ventilating fan with a powerful motor to keep your home well ventilated. It is also capable of providing instant cooling. 

This multipurpose fan can be conveniently moved around your home and installed wherever you like. This room-heating fan is designed with propeller-type blades to increase airflow. With a 2600-rpm speed, it provides high airflow. An impressive 225 mm sweep (diameter) is available on the V-Guard Selfee multipurpose fan. Selfee’s V-Guard multipurpose fan copes with voltage fluctuations thanks to its design for Indian weather conditions. The shades available for this item improve its modern design.

  • Price – 1,859
  • Warranty – 2 years warranty on the product 
  • Material – metal
  • Features – lightweight
  • Type – table fan 
  • Motor Speed – 2600 RPM
  • Power Consumption –  45 W
  • Blade Sweep Size – 225 mm
  • Air Flow – 40m3/min
  • Number of Speed Settings – no speed control button
  • Ratings – 300 +
  • Reviews – 4.1 out of 5 stars



It is lightweight and efficient.

The noise is quite loud. 

It gives you good airflow. 

It does not have a control speed button. 

Its small size can place anywhere you want. 


6. RYLAN Powerful Rechargeable 1.5 Watts Table Fan With 21 SMD LED Light, Table Fan For Home, Table Fans, Table Fan For Office Desk, Table Fan High Speed, Table Fan For Kitchen – Click here for Amazon deal

The RLYAN rechargeable table fan is also a great choice for the summer season. This item is available in multiple colours on the market. The item weighs 459 grams as well. The fan is flush-mounted. It belongs to the decorative kitchen category. This portable fan will fit in any room in the house, whether it’s the bedroom, the office, or the living room. The classic design, as well as the small size, are both offered.

The rechargeable table fan can be used in AC or DC mode when power fails; a solar panel board can also be used to charge it. Light and fan can both operate simultaneously. It is also a light-weighted rechargeable fan that can be mounted on the ceiling and placed on the table, and you can easily carry it around.

  • Price – 849
  • Warranty – 2 years of warranty
  • Material – ABS plastic fan 
  • Features – rechargeable fan, with LED light
  • Type – table fan 
  • Motor Speed – 2 W fan and 1.5 light
  • Power Consumption – Battery: Lithium-ion 1600 mAh
  • Blade Sweep Size – note mentioned 
  • Air Flow – 3800 RPM
  • Number of Speed Settings – 5-speed regulator fan 
  • Ratings – 400 +
  • Reviews – 4.1 out of 5 stars 



A portable fan can place it everywhere.

Fan and light cannot work at the same time/ 

Rechargeable with any USB port.


Come with LED light. 


It has a good battery backup. 


7. Usha Colossus Rust Free Aluminium Blade 400mm Pedestal Fan (Red) – Click here for Amazon deal

You can never go wrong with Usha Fan since you have the option of getting enough variation. Whether you need something for your home or office, the Usha brand can meet those needs. There is no better and more complete way to prove the brand’s and its products’ reliability than by utilising this model.

With its corrosion-proof aluminium blades, this fan is rust-free, making it more efficient and ensuring a longer lifespan. Strong and robustly allow this fan to deliver 92 CMM of air per minute. It is attractively coloured in metallic to complement your decor. Built from 100% copper, this motor has a long lifespan. To customise the fan’s airflow a thermal overload fuse protects against voltage surges, and you can control the airflow at three different speeds. A broad base for added stability, jerk-free oscillation, soft-touch tilting mechanism, and a broad base for jerk-free oscillation.

  • Price – 3,249
  • Warranty – two-year warranty on the product
  • Material – plastic
  • Features – aluminium blades 
  • Type – table fan
  • Motor Speed – 70 W
  • Power Consumption – 1320 RPM
  • Blade Sweep Size – 
  • Air Flow – 92 CMM
  • Number of Speed Settings – 3-speed setting
  • Ratings – 800 +
  • Reviews – 4.1 out of 5 stars



The fan airflow is very good. 

It does not have a long wire. 

Blades made of aluminium are strong and durable.

The fan head is not very bendy.

The sweep angle is up to 60 to 70 degrees.


It gives you faster cooling. 


8. iBELL CHROME10 5 Leaf Pedestal Fan With Timer, High-Speed Motor – Black – Click here for Amazon deal

As a pioneer in pedestal fans, iBELL is India’s most popular household brand. Our product line features more than 300 quality products that will delight our consumers, so our vision and goals in consumer satisfaction are as diverse as our product offering.

The pedestal fan manufactured by iBELL uses stainless steel. Since stainless is rust-resistant at all times, one should also know that stainless is one of the most robust materials one can find. It features five blades that serve to disperse the air in a room such that you are always relaxed when you sit in front of it after a long day. The 5 ABS blades ensure that the machine cuts air quietly by reducing vibrations and air turbulence. This high-performance, 100% copper motor ensures smooth operation, power and endurance. It provides 3-speed control and timer function on a classic dual-colour designed switch box. The wind is swept from one side to the other with no jerk in a jerk-free oscillation feature.

  • Price – 2,498
  • Warranty – 2 years of warranty on the product
  • Material – stainless steel
  • Features – portable 
  • Type – free-standing 
  • Motor Speed – 55 W
  • Power Consumption – 
  • Blade Sweep Size – 5 vast sweep
  • Air Flow – high airspeed
  • Number of Speed Settings – 3-speed control 
  • Ratings – 4,000 +
  • Reviews – 4 out of 5 stars



A 55-watt motor powers this pedestal.


iBELL pedestal fans always remain stable at their base.


The black colour of this fan gives it a sober appearance.


The height of the fan is adequate for evenly dispersing air.


9. Sonashi 16-Inch Rechargeable Battery Table Fan White (Pack of 1) – Click here for Amazon deal

Among the most trusted brands in India, Sonashi offers a wide range of electronic products for the home. You can use Sonashi’s Rechargeable AC Dc 16 Inches Table Fan on hot summer days if you need a fan for cooling off. With five blades, the table fan can provide maximum airflow. There are also four LED lights available on the fan base that you can use at night.

It used advanced technologies to design this table fan. The fan includes an indicator for power, battery life, and charging. There is a rechargeable, high-powered battery built into the fan. The battery can last between 14-16 hours with the LED light, and the fan can run for 4-to 6 hours. Air will flow in all directions through the fan. You can use it on the terrace or in your home because of its convenient handle. Children and the elderly can use this device safely.

  • Price – 5,396
  • Warranty – 6 months on products
  • Material – plastic
  • Features – Noise-Free, Adjustable Speed Control, Swing, Smart
  • Type – portable table fan 
  • Motor Speed – 800 – 1400 RPM
  • Power Consumption – 220-240 V
  • Blade Sweep Size – 0 mm
  • Air Flow –  not mentioned 
  • Number of Speed Settings – 3-speed setting 
  • Ratings – 80 +
  • Reviews – 4 out of 5 stars 



It is lightweight easy to handle.

The power cord is short.

It can run in both AC and DC.

Quite expensive 

Airflow is good enough. 


Battery backup is good enough.


10. Crompton Wave Plus 400-mm (16 inches) High-Speed Oscillating Table Fan For Home And Kitchen (KD White) – Click here for Amazon deal

With its 400 mm size and powerful motor, the Crompton Wave Plus 400 mm table fan is practical and powerful. That is the only reason this is the most desired table fan. People also seek another reason because it produces less noise than other models. There is an oscillation control and the potential to tilt the unit at steeper angles for best and optimum results. 

Even when the fan is operating at high speed or oscillating, the broad and stable base can comfortably carry the lightweight. You can adjust it in three speeds to suit your preferences. To operate the fan oscillation, push the knob at the top of the motor housing. The motor’s power consumption is deficient at only 60 watts, and it delivers an impressive airflow of 85 CMM from its aerodynamic blades. The motor provides an impressive airflow with a top speed of 1350 RPM. 

  • Price – 2,349
  • Warranty – two years on product
  • Material – polypropylene
  • Features – 1
  • Type – table fan
  • Motor Speed – 1350 RPM
  • Power Consumption – 60 W
  • Blade Sweep Size – 230 mm
  • Air Flow – 85 CMM 
  • Number of Speed Settings – 2-speed controller button
  • Ratings – 800 +
  • Reviews – 4.1 out of 5 stars



It is one of the cheapest table fans for you.

A light material makes it unstable for more extended periods.

The fan can propel air up to 85 cm with a 1350 RPM motor.

The material for a long-lasting fan can be improved along with its design.

You can easily clean it with a cloth.


It is an energy-efficient model.


How Do We Shortlist The Best Products?

To choose the right product from the many options, you need to understand the product. You can follow the following steps to find the best options:

1. Specifications and Features

The latest technology is something we strive to keep updated with. In this way, we know which table fan is the most technologically advanced and has the most user-friendly features, which make your life much easier. 

2. Customer Reviews: 

You can only understand how a product works in daily life from reviews from verified customers. Consequently, we keep a close eye on how our users react to the product.

3. Complaints

The table fans we suggest are minimal to completely free of complaints. Nonetheless, we observe how the service team resolves any complaints regarding them. 

4. Warranty

The cost of electrical appliances is high. Thus, it is imperative to have a warranty card to get your product repaired in the future without having to pay again for it. 

5. Pricing:

If you want a table fan worth every penny, you have found the ideal one. Before suggesting any product, we ensure that it qualifies under the criteria. 

6. Service Quality

Quality brands make the difference between local and quality brands in post-sale management. Therefore, we make sure to suggest products that have a proven track record of quality after-sales service. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some essential questions that perhaps come to your mind while buying a table fan. Here we go

1. What are the uses of table fans?

Generally, table fans are suitable for covering a smaller area. Portable fans are also available. Therefore, it is flexible and can reside anywhere you want, so long as you have an electrical outlet. Table fans also serve to enhance the decor of the study table and provide comfort in the soaring heat of India. 

2. Which motor is used in the table fan?

As we discussed earlier, induction motors typically function in single-phase motors. It works as the primary component of the appliance. An electrolytic capacitor provides the fan with its starting torque, enabling it to run smoothly.

3. What is the use of a table fan?

Table fan is used in the summer to avoid AC because of the high bills. This electric fan is commonly used in houses, offices, shops, and business establishments to circulate air and cool temperatures. Air is circulated by spreading fans, which increases evaporation rates of sweat from the body, thus cooling it.


This article aims to guide you in making a well-informed decision about which table fan to purchase. The following features are essential to consider while buying a table fan motor: weight, swing option, speed control, and warranty. We hope that this article helped you to select your desired table fan.

Cooling devices will be a great way to handle this scorching summer and make you or your loved ones feel special. Summer holidays, holidays in the new year, weddings will make this an extraordinary gift. Shopping is a beautiful experience, so keep shopping and help to rate the products you have enjoyed.

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