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With rising temperatures in many parts of the country, an air conditioner has become essential. An inverter air conditioner uses a compressor that works at lower and variable speeds for effective cooling and constant temperature. Inverter air conditioners provide good cooling while consuming less electricity.

A 1-ton air conditioner might be ideal if you search for a system to cool a small room. You need to consider power consumption, condenser quality, and necessary maintenance when selecting an air conditioner for your home. Looking for the best 1 ton AC  in India? Read through this article!

Our Top Picks

Best Overall – Lloyd 1.0 Ton 5 Star Voice & WiFi Enabled Inverter Split AC

Featuring Wi-Fi capabilities and high power efficiency, this air conditioner provides you with the best cooling experience in your little room while offering the highest warranty among all the other models.

Best Budget – Sanyo 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

A budget-friendly air conditioner is Sanyo 1 ton 3 star for Rs. 25,990.

Best Power Efficient – Panasonic 1 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split Air Conditioner

With its energy efficiency power of 576.2-kilowatt-hours, this Panasonic 1 ton 5 star AC can help you save money on electric bills as it has the best energy efficiency.

The Top Ten Picks For The 1 Ton Split AC Category

We have selected the top ten 1 ton air conditioners in India according to their features, price, and pros and cons.

1. Panasonic 1 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split Air Conditioner – Click Here For Amazon Deal

The Panasonic 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC features an inverter compressor with copper condenser coils and bluefin technology for optimum durability and cooling in coastal areas prone to high humidity. The air conditioning unit requires minimal maintenance and does not require stabilisers. Its PM 2.5 Air Purification system removes and eliminates airborne particles, maintaining a clean and fresh environment.

  • Price – 34, 990
  • Capacity – 1-ton 
  • Warranty – five years on product and ten years on compressor 
  • Weight – 31 kg
  • top benefit – Wi-Fi Air Conditioner | Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant | Voice Control | Smart Diagnosis with One Touch Service | Shield Blu Anti Corrosion Technology | PM 2.5 Filter | Customized Sleep Profiles | Remote Access and Control with Mirage | Stabilizer Free Operation
  •  Ratings – 900+
  • Reviews – 4.4 out of stars 



Exceptionally durable and weather-resistant corrosion-free coating.

Operates at a fairly high noise level.

It is power-efficient.


Free of stabiliser, effective cooling.


The device is Wi-Fi enabled and voice-controlled.


The TCL AI Ultra-Inverter AC is a smart AC integrated with Google Assistant to provide interconnectivity with similar Android TV models. The TCL Home App can be operated from any device across the globe, and it can also take basic commands through Google Assistant.

This air conditioner will get strong cooling even in high ambient temperatures because it uses advanced PCB cooling technology. Titan gold has a lotus effect that prevents water droplets from reattaching to the evaporator fins and increases the efficiency of the evaporator and condenser. With its R32 refrigerant, this unit provides excellent cooling without harming the environment. There are 4 ways in which the TCL AC provides airflow, which helps it to reach every corner of the room efficiently. Its indoor and outdoor units’ 100% copper construction ensures quick heat transfer and efficient repair.

  • Price – 29,700
  • Capacity – 1-ton 
  • Warranty – one year on product, one year on the condenser and ten years on compressor
  • Weight – 9 kg 
  • top benefit – Inverter, Dust_filter, Wifi_control
  • Ratings – 100 +
  • Reviews – 4.3 out of 5 stars



Good after-sales services.


Best for medium size rooms.


Mute mode and self-diagnosis mode.


Consume low electricity annually. 


For its inverter split air conditioning system, the Whirlpool MAGICOOL PRO 5S has received five stars. On the one hand, it is well constructed and well made. Considering the quality of the materials used and the solid construction, it feels pretty durable. Aside from that, the design is well designed and unobtrusive. Therefore, it appears sleek, stylish, and elegant. In addition, the remote has an ergonomic design and is backlit.

It is impossible to match the performance of this air conditioner. Having a BTU of 15013 boosts the performance beyond comparison. The compressor performs well. With 430 CFM of air generated, it’s matched toe-to-toe with an equally powerful fan motor. There is a fly in the ointment. However, there is an auto horizontal swing and a PM 2.5 filter. This unit is a nice one for installing, not only because it is a great performer but also because it is discreet and efficient, making it one of the best 1 ton split air conditioners in India.

  • Price – 30, 990
  • Capacity – 1-ton
  • Warranty – one year on product, one year on the condenser and ten years on compressor
  • Weight – 47 kg
  • Top benefit – ‎Inverter, Dust_filter, Dehumidifier
  • Ratings – 900 +
  • Reviews – 4.1 out of 5 stars 



An operating system without stabilizers. 

On the condenser, there is a limited warranty of one year.

It has an energy-efficient design. 


Operating at a low noise level. 


Cooling that is quick and effective.


Voltas air conditioning units are very well known and deservedly so due to their focus on manufacturing high-performance and cost-effective split and window air conditioners. A similar split AC with a variable inverter compressor, the 123V CZT3, is sturdy and well built. Even though the ODU is a little lightweight, weighing just over 48 kg, it’s not exactly intimidating. IDU is a well-made phone with a stylish hidden display and a discreet design despite this.

This Voltas inverter split AC can provide high ambient cooling even at 52°C thanks to its powerful cooling system. The air is filtered numerous times in multiple stages, so you breathe fresh air and are not exposed to allergens or odours. Besides being stabilizer-free, the AC comes with 100% copper condenser coils for more extended longevity and minimal maintenance.

  • Price – 33,990
  • Capacity – 1-ton 
  • Warranty – one year on product and ten years on compressor
  • Weight – 48 kg
  • Top benefit – Inverter, Dust_filter
  • Ratings – 500 +
  • Reviews – 4.4 out of 5 stars 



It is stabilizer free operation.

It does not have PM 2.5 filter. 

It is energy-efficient.

The speed of airflow is average.

It has a low noise operation. 

The outdoor unit that’s thin.

It has an effective and supports the quick cooling function 


This LG inverter air conditioning unit has 1 Ton capacity and a 3-star rating. It is sturdy and looks rather hefty and well made. These plastics have a rich gloss shine and feel rich in texture. Likewise, the indoor unit of this inverter split AC will not ruin the interiors. A metal outdoor adds to the durability of the components it houses by making them more durable.

It has a very good cooling capacity of 12454 BTU per hour, a very high figure for an inverter split AC. Due to its good spread of air throw, it can cool down a small room in a matter of minutes for a maximum of 425 CFM. Even though this AC is rated as a 5 star, its ISEER rating is decent at 34.70. It is also very silent at its lowest fan speed at just 21 dB. The AC is a good 1 ton split AC among India with an inverter compressor for a great price.

  • Price – 42,490
  • Capacity – 1-ton 
  • Warranty – one year on product, five years on PCB, and ten years on compressor with gas charging. 
  • Weight – 8 kg 100 g
  • Top benefit – Super Convertible 6-in-1 cooling, AI Dual Inverter, Ocean Black Fin Anti Corrosive, Ocean Black Protection, Low gas detection, HD Filter with Anti Virus Protection, EZ Clean Filter.
  • Ratings – 10 +
  • Reviews – 4.1 out of 5 stars 



It has a powerful cooling capacity. 

It does not have a 2.5 PM filter.

It has a decent airflow of 435 CFM. 

It has only a 2-way swing.

It is well built and durable. 


It has a solid heft. 


Haier is the best AC as this is a well-known brand and used by numerous people. THANKS TO A HIDDEN LED DISPLAY; the AC is well made and looks good, especially when turned on. Apart from that, it has a minimalist front, which is classy. Moreover, the outdoor unit is quite sturdy and robust and should protect the coil, compressor, and electronics from elements.

The AC has a good airflow speed of 412 CFM, easily circulates cool air in a small room. However, the cooling capacity is just 11771 BTU which is a bit of a letdown, and as a result, it takes a little longer than expected to feel the effectiveness of the AC. Furthermore, the AC makes 45 dB of noise which is quite high for a 1 Ton AC. Adding to it is that the AC is three stars rated with a nominal SEER of 3.55. Given such mediocre performance, we had hoped that Haier would have provided a PM 2.5 filter or four-way swing, but unfortunately, Haier skimped on them. In totality, this is a strictly average 1-ton split AC and is far from the best.

  • Price – 27,490
  • Capacity – 1-ton
  • Warranty – one year on product, six-year on compressor 
  • Weight – 9 kg 500 g
  • Top benefit – Antibacterial_coating, Dust_filter, Dehumidifier
  • Ratings – 100 +
  • Reviews – 4.1 out of 5 stars



High efficiency and low power consumption. 

Does not utilize inverter technology.

Providing immediate cooling.

No warranty on the condenser.

The innovative air filtration system removes airborne pollutants and allergens.


Operation with minimal noise.


A Sanyo 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC can handle 1-ton of cooling and comes with a two-stage inverter compressor that can adjust power depending on the heat load. The AC has an automatic glacier mode that increases the fan speed by 35% to provide instant cooling so you can go to bed cool. This air conditioner has copper condensers that are corrosion-resistant and efficient at moving heat. An air conditioner is equipped with built-in anti-dust and PM 2.5 filters that are designed to remove dust, pollen, and other suspended particles from the air.

  • Price – 25,990
  • Capacity – 1- ton
  • Warranty – one year on product, one-year condenser, and five years on compressor 
  • Weight – 9 kg 500 g
  • Top benefit – Inverter, Dust_filter, PM 2.5 Filter, Dehumidifier, Air_purifier
  • Ratings – 2000 +
  • Reviews – 4,1 0ut of stars



It is energy efficient.

Condenser comes with one year of limited warranty.

Remote control with backlighting.


The ability to self-diagnose.


There is a hidden temperature display. 


8. Carrier 1 Ton 3 Star Non-Inverter Split AC (CAS12EK3R39F0+CF123R3CC90, White) – Click Here For Amazon Deal

With eco-friendly techniques, Carrier builds one of the best air conditioners available on the market. Its inventions improved productivity and enhanced comfort for countless industries. There are numerous people whose first choice to the Carrier air conditioner as it is budget-friendly. With its innovation, Carrier room AC gives you a summer that’s both easy and prevents you from going outside. 

With their split AC non-inverter compressors, these outdoor units are designed to provide a comfortable cooling experience even when the outside temperature reaches 50 degrees. To keep the air in your home fresh and healthy, it is equipped with PM 2.5 and HD filters which filter microparticle pollution from the air inside your home. AC lends a special charm to any room with its hidden display panel. Its display automatically turns off at night so that it will not disrupt you at all. Its energy consumption is 758.62 units, ISEER value has 3.62. Cooper’s condenser coil is designed to provide better cooling with low maintenance features.

  • Price – 30,240
  • Capacity – 1-ton 0
  • Warranty – one year in product, and five years on compressor
  • Weight – 8 kg 600 g
  • Top benefit – Dust Filter, Air Purification Filter, Dehumidifier
  • Ratings – 100 +
  • Reviews – 4 out of 5 stars 



An even and quick cooling process. 

The condenser does not have an additional warranty. 

A mode for saving energy. 

It does not use inverters 

Digital display is hidden beneath the surface.


It has an antifungal effect.


9. Panasonic 1 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split Air Conditioner – Click Here For Amazon Deal

Panasonic’s ACs are renowned for being among the finest pieces of machinery with an extraordinary affordability quotient, and the CS/CU-HU12XKYF is not an exception. There are minimalist design elements in the interior, making it look clean and simple yet very pleasing. Despite the plastics being of average quality, the IDU has a relatively long lifespan. It weighs approximately 35 kg and has a similar solid build. Overall this split A/C seems to be of good quality and looks decent.

Panasonic’s 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner is a high-performance machine that comes with a fantastic inverter compressor that can cool the room with 13300 BTU. Additionally, it includes a powerful blower that cools a room quickly and cleans the air by removing PM 2.5 particles. Nevertheless, the ISEER is 4.7, which means that the air conditioning system is average for a 5 star rated system. There is also a low noise level, making the split AC generally not obtrusive.

  • Price – 41,500
  • Capacity – 1-ton 
  • Warranty – one year on comprehensive five years on PCB, ten years on compressor, and five years on outdoor casting
  • Weight –  35 kg 
  • Top benefit – Wifi Enabled, Dust Filter, Air Purification Filter, Wi-Fi Air Conditioner | Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant | Voice Control | Smart Diagnosis with One Touch Service | Shield Blu Anti Corrosion Technology | PM 2.5 Filter | Customized Sleep Profiles | Remote Access and Control with Mirage | Stabilizer Free Operation, Dehumidifier
  • Ratings – 40 +
  • Reviews – 4.4 out of 5 stars 



PCBs are covered by a high warranty

The condenser is not covered by an additional warranty

It boasts an energy-efficient design 


Cooling capacity is higher and faster 


Its display is hidden. 


10. Lloyd 1.0 Ton 5 Star Voice & WiFi Enabled Inverter Split AC – Click Here For Amazon Deal

Lloyd’s GLS12I55WBHL split AC is very affordable and has a capacity of one ton. As we can see right away, the AC is very high quality and extremely durable. In addition to its rock-solid performance, and its weight of just under 30 kilograms, the ODU is also a hefty piece of technology. The design, however, could be seen as boxy and seems to stick out of the wall. There are no curves in the design. Conversely, if you like boxy designs, you might enjoy the distinctive and good look. Its easy layout, as well as the backlit, makes working with it a breeze.

This air conditioner performs mediocrely. A less than the stellar cooling capacity of 577.43 BTU /hr is sufficient but not particularly impressive. The maximum air velocity is just 361 CFM, which is workable but does not have a similar flow as other air conditioners. Despite its modest fan speed, the air conditioner has quite a lot of noise, reaching 32dB at its peak. 

  • Price – 34,000
  • Capacity – 1-ton
  • Warranty – one year comprehensive on AC, and ten years on compressor 
  • Weight – 36 kg 700 g
  • Top benefit – Voice & WiFi Enabled, Automatic Humidity Control with Real-Time Humidity Sensing, Plasma Protective Shield & Anti-Viral Filter, Cools Even @52 ˚C, Smart 4-Way Swing
  • Ratings – 100 +
  • Reviews – 4.2 out of 5 stars



It is well-built and has an elegant design.

It runs at a modest maximum of 361 CFM.

Exceptionally sturdy construction. 

Kind of noisy AC.

Comes at an affordable price.

The two-way auto swing does not include a PM 2.5 filter. 

Backlit remote. 


How Do We Shortlist The Best Products?

Have you wondered how do we select one ton of AC because there are plenty of ACs available in the market? You do not have to worry about how we compiled a list and provided our customers with the best air conditioner for you. Here is the criteria we use to apply while choosing India’s best ACs. 

1. Specification and features 

Considering its latest features and specifications, we thoroughly analyze each air conditioner. Some have the most valuable and convenient features to make your life easier. Our priority always is that our customers will get the best product, 

2. Customer Review 

As we all know, or may every one of us knows that before buying anything online, we read the reviews to get accurate feedback from actual people before making an actual purchase.

3. Complaints 

As well as looking through complaint portals and forums online for complaints about a product that is most commonly faced, we also conduct a thorough review of the product.

4. Warranty 

Warranty plays a vital role in the maintenance of a product from which you will quickly return or change the internal parts if the parts are defective in the future. We recommended conditioners with reasonable warranty offers. 

5. Pricing 

As we analyze the specifications of the air conditioners, we determine whether their prices are appropriate. As a result, we recommend only the air conditioners that are most value-for-money. 

6. Service Quality 

Our recommendation is for brands, models, and manufacturers with reasonable offers, flexible policies, and other incentives to offer their customers exemplary customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some questions answers which most people ask before purchasing one ton of AC.

1. What is meant by 1 ton AC?

Air conditioner tonnage is expressed as the amount of heat removed from a room in BTUs per hour in the air conditioning industry. British Thermal Units (BTUs) measures the amount of energy used to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. One ton of air conditioning can remove approximately 12,000 BTUs of heat per hour. It provides efficient cooling for small rooms with a 1 ton AC.

2. Is 1 ton AC enough for what room size?

An AC of 1 ton is suitable for rooms up to 100 sq. ft. The maximum area is 100 square feet, but depending on what your room’s pattern is like, if it gets direct sunlight, has windows, is insulated, and is on the top floor or not, you can go up to 120 square feet.

3. How much current does a 1 ton AC take?

According to the US Energy Information Administration, a 1 ton AC typically removes 12,000 BTUs of heat per hour, consuming about seven amps at 240 volts. While the amount of current taken by the AC can vary significantly depending on the energy star ratings, the hours of usage and the technology used, the AC’s amount can also vary.


It is our hope that we were able to assist you in finding the best 1-ton air conditioner for your home. Once you have compared all of the products, you should find what you need. It is important to note that this list was carefully curated after an extensive research process and comparison of many products. However, if you decide to purchase any of the air conditioner models above, make sure to cross-check the specification and make your purchase decision based on complete knowledge of the product. If you will get sorted with our list then you can directly buy a product by just simply tapping the amazon link we are given above.

Special note: Please feel free to comment on our site if you have any suggestions. Don’t forget to share this article if you find the best one-ton air conditioner. Your time is valued, so thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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